Our Pain

Why Why WHY does God allow us to hurt? Why does he allow us pain? Why does God allow some of us pain without a known source or an answer? I struggle with emotional pain. I do not know where it comes from. I live with a dark cloud over my mind and soul many days. I feel it in my head. I feel it in my body. The source? I don’t know the source. But I do know my amazing God is NOT the source. I do know that this is not the cause of a personal sin problem (which many churches will try to tell you). I do know that God has used it to allow me to comfort others in the same situation...in ways that I could not do if I had not experienced this struggle. I do know that I live in a fallen world. I do know that living in this fallen world affects our quality of life...each of us in different ways. I do know that in spite of how I feel, I can still serve God with all my heart, soul, and mind. Do I FEEL like that is how I am serving him? Some days it’s a resounding yes! Other days, many days, No, I do not FEEL like I am enough...because my feelings lie - and they are not reliable. (But they are JUST FEELINGS!) Do I know that I am doing the best i can by my actions? YES I DO! Am I being the best me I can be today? Feelings set aside? You betcha! I wholeheartedly serve my Jesus EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Am I perfect? Well, not to me, but that doesn’t matter because I am perfect to HIM :). And that is TRUTH! Am I acceptable to him!? NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!...because HE SAYS I AM! God’s acceptance is not based on my feelings. It is not based on how GOOD I am. It is not based on how many good deeds or “acts of Christian service” I do any given day. TRUTH is a person! TRUTH IS GOD! And what God says is greater than my feelings, and I can TRUST the TRUTH!...whether my feelings match it or not :).

What want you to take away from this is: We cannot trust our feelings. Feelings lie. Feelings/our mind is the devil’s playground. It’s the place where we go to war for what we will believe about God, ourselves, life, etc. It’s where the enemy sneaks in those lies such as “you’ll never get over your struggle.” “You’re not good enough.” “God doesn’t care about you.” “Quit trying, you won’t achieve your goal anyway…” “Just quit because it’s too hard for you.” We can choose to entertain those thoughts or we can choose to allow God and His word to transform our mind! We can CHOOSE to believe TRUTH such as “In Christ, I am enough!” “The JOY of the Lord is my strength!” “God is for me, not against me!” “God sings over me!” “I can do all things through Christ!” You don’t have to FEEL it to BELIEVE IT! TRUTH ALWAYS lines up with the word of God. It will NOT contradict scripture.

Because he lives, because I am his, because I am a born-again Child of the living God...I know that: CHRIST IS IN ME! I AM ENOUGH! And in spite of my feelings, I can rest in that TRUTH. And TRUTH doesn’t lie :).

Head on over to YouTube and check out “Fear is a Liar” by Zach Williams :). And have a great day...whether you FEEL like it or not :).

Some Bible verses that go with this post are:

Romans 12:1,2 John 14:6 Philippians 3:12-14

Nehemiah 8:10 Romans 8:1, 31 John 16:33

Philippians 4:13 John 8:44 1 John 4:4

-Kimberly M-


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