There was a young man in our little town full of joy and shining brightly for Jesus. He was unlike any other young man I had ever seen. I never had the privilege of meeting Luke, but his willingness to follow Christ regardless of circumstance will be passed down in stories for many years.

Doctors diagnosed Luke with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at the age of 10. Not long into the treatment, they told him nothing more could be done. What would have crushed families and young kids turned into a platform to share the Gospel. I don't know enough about Luke to share stories or give details, but what I do know is how God has called us to live. Luke was the embodiment of Psalm 29:11. We only find strength and peace through our Lord.

Luke decided in the midst of his struggles that he was not going to back down, not going to roll over, and not going to let Satan steal God's glory! A 10-year-old child willing to serve the Lord has changed countless lives and will continue to improve lives for generations. I pray, we, as the body of Christ would seek to change the world as Luke did. I pray we can unite as a body to serve Christ in all things. I pray we can see the call of a 10-year-old and follow the example set before us.

I have two questions for us in light of Luke's passing...

Where do you find your strength and peace? Will you live boldly for Christ regardless of circumstance? The Bible shows us the answer to these, but Luke lived this out in front of us all.

While Luke may be in heaven today, his legacy lives on. While we may still mourn, we will continue to celebrate his life. While tears may flow in this season, new seasons will come. Tears will turn to joy, and sorrow will turn to hope. Let us remember Luke by striving daily to change the world just like he did.


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