What is Letting Go?

Letting go and walking in faith can be the most frightening experience we can have. Letting go means that we have no support mechanism for our Ego’s.

Simply put, when we let go and let God, we trust that everything is going to work out exactly the way God intends, even when we are in the middle of an experience that screams out for us to hold onto that control.

In the early stages of spiritual growth we are not open to new ideas or concepts. We are generally resistant to ideas of “why did you bring this into your life?” Or, friends who say, “You’ll be fine, stop worrying.” We find it irritating, and it appears that they may not care or really understand the way we feel. During all these crazy activities that we believe are essential to our happiness, We Block the flow of Life from God, Our Creator.

There is a divine energy that flows from within; this is the river of life that flows from our hearts. The river is gold and silver, pure and radiant- a light vibration of the highest frequency. This light is the Christ, the highest vibration possible that we can radiate on this veil of tears. When this river of life flows uninterrupted, our lives become pleasing to God and in harmony to the Creators intention.

A challenge: Let’s think of one Fear, resentment, grudge, jealousy, hatred or greed that we are secretly harboring for a brother or sister within the body of Christ or in the temporal world. And simply let go.

Forgiveness Amends, Sharing the Good News…

If we lack courage, do not fear – simply writing down the sentiment is helpful.

We might find the person carrying the anger, grudge, hatred, etc.. Has been the most affected.

“Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the world, and I shall be healed.”



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