Another Success Story

Earlier this year, my wife Brandy and I came into Hope Station homeless and thirty-eight weeks pregnant. We knew from the beginning of our relationship that we were brought together for a purpose- our situation was in direct response for our desire to do God’s will for our lives. It was the most difficult time either one of us had experienced and yet we were supernaturally joyful, “beyond all understanding”. All the signs pointed to Hope Station providing the answer to our prayers to follow the Lord wherever He may lead us; including the newly available apartment and newly finished nursery among many other things.

However, the Lord was just getting started and was about to show us what He was going to use us for, how our journey was going to play a part of Hope Station’s ministry of leading people to Christ, by meeting their basic needs: food, clothing and shelter, and ministering to them the Gospel, fulfilling the words of John the Baptist, “Make straight the Way of the Lord”.

Over the next few months, we continued to mature in our faith while Jesus sent more and more people through the doors, hungry to hear the Word of God. We are now serve in many ways at Hope Stations- the most fulfilling is our role as client advocates at Hope Station. We are excited to witness even bigger things Jesus has in store for everyone that will be touched by Him.


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